I look at art and think, “I can do that!” Every blog, You Tube lesson, and art teacher say “you don’t have to have talent”, “you don’t have to know how to draw”, “there is no wrong way”. Then why does everything I create look like a kindergarten art piece? That having been said, when I showed my son-in-law, a musician, my first acrylic painting, he told me to get back out there and start painting because we were going to start selling them!

Learning to paint is not an over night process. So many decisions and choices to make, such as, do I want to use acrylic, oil or pastels? What type of brushes do I need? What type of paper or canvas, or do I want to use paper or canvas? Do I want to paint still life, landscape or abstract? Do I know the color wheel, tones, perspective, how to mix colors?

Practice, practice, practice. I have painted trees, with leaves, without leaves, reflected in the water, over and over. And that elusive light! Where is it coming from? ARGHHHH! This is not for sissies!

However, I do so enjoy getting out my brushes and paint, or my acrylics, and seeing the colors and strokes become a picture! Even if it is not exactly like I had envisioned. I can spend hours just “painting” and thinking of nothing else. And, when one is finished, the sense of accomplishment and pride is immense!

Lessons are invaluable and FUN! The resources available for someone wanting to get in touch with their artsy side is abundant. You Tube, Pinterest, Blogs and the Internet are filled with videos and resources to access, from the beginner to advanced. Also, arts and craft stores, such as, Hobby Lobby and Michaels and some art centers and schools offer lessons. Or, try one of the social painting classes, like Painting With A Twist or Pinot’s Pallets, where you can enjoy a glass of wine and the camaraderie of other artist wannabes!

You might be the next Picasso, or at least find a hobby you enjoy very much!