While enjoying the Fourth of July holiday, please keep your furry friends in mind.  Even though fireworks mean celebration for us, the loud, flashing, exploding noise can be frightening to your pets.

Don’t be tempted to take your pet to the party.  They are more comfortable in their home.  Once the fireworks start, help to keep the noise and flashes out by closing blinds, turning on the television or play music.  If your pet is crate trained, put them in the crate and cover it with a blanket.

Also, this is a good time to make sure your pet is microchipped in case they get out of the yard or the house.  If your pet is not microchipped, write your name and phone number on their collar with a permanent marker.  Fourth of July is one of the busiest times of the year for lost animals being turned into shelters.

Happy Fourth of July!  Have fun and keep yourselves and your fur family safe!