imageHave you ever tried to tell your child how to do something or how to avoid something, and be met with that, “Whatever…” look like they think you are an idiot. Or, “I know!”, even though you see they obviously don’t “know”! I don’t understand this reluctance of the younger people in our lives to acknowledge the fact that maybe, just maybe, they could benefit from our experiences.

Ok, I remember thinking the same about my folks, like they were dinosaurs and had no idea what it was like to be young and current. However, as I have said before, my parents were from a generation that did not talk about a lot of things or share their experiences when they were young. I know they loved me, but, they did not participate and socialize with me and my friends outside the home, or take much interest in what I was doing. At least until I got into trouble! Were all families of my generation like this, or is this a cop out on my part?

Do all young folks feel this way?  Could this “division” between generations be nature’s way of making sure lessons are securely embedded in the their brains?

I definitely learned a lot of “lessons” growing up that I wish I could have avoided if my parents, or other adult, had shared their knowledge, the way they felt when they were young, or even discussed  potential “hazards” along life’s path.


Children, Young Adults, New Mothers and Fathers, listen to your Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and other people that have lived longer, experienced more life, and already made the mistakes you are about to encounter!