A dear friend is getting married tonight and I am looking forward to witnessing the beginning of their life journey! The months of planning all culminate in a wonderful night of ceremony, celebration, dancing, food and drink with friends and family. Tomorrow they leave for their Mexican honeymoon where they will spend a week laying on the beach while the maid cleans your room and makes their bed, sipping wine poured with flourish by a waiter, and eating glorious meals prepared for them by renowned chefs. THEN, the flight home and marriage begins!

My husband and I have been married for 42 years, so I consider myself an expert, or at least slightly knowledgable. It has not always been easy, it is life after all. Every day is different and as we get older, we change; our attitudes, dreams and our feelings change. What has kept my husband and me together through the days of transitions is COMMITTMENT, or, if you prefer to call it: dedication, devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, fidelity.

Through times of living paycheck to paycheck, sorrow and loss, those days when we just did not like each other, and, yes, temptation to stray, I am proud to say our COMMITTMENT to each other has remained strong and prevailed.  I look back right now and can not believe how fast the years have past, and how lucky we are today!  Sometimes a memory will come rushing into my mind and my heart again swells with love and passion for this man with whom I have spent the majority of my life.

I saw a post on Facebook this morning that says “Marriage is not 50/50. Divorce is 50/50. Marriage HAS to be 100/100.  It isn’t dividing everything in half but giving everything you’ve got!”. This is golden. It takes both people being 100% committed and willing to put another persons needs and wants before their own.

This is not always easy!  And FOREVER is a long time!