how exciting, we are going Las Vegas!  Yea!  But, on the way, we are going to a different state to buy a new car!  Oh, then we have a wedding to attend in another state!  Yea!  but, what, how do I pack?

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I DO NOT LIKE TO PACK…..  I usually end up with my entire closet laying on my bed trying to decide if I can wear that pair of pants with that blouse?  Can I wear those pants two days?  Should I take an extra pair in case I spill something?  How many dressy events should I be prepared for?

Oh, yeah, don’t forget meds, toiletries, jewelry, shoes….which shoes?  Will I need my swim suit?  Did I mention I started packing a week in advance?

Lucky for us, there is PINTEREST, where you can find ideas and blogs for everything, including packing tips!  Check out this one  Thank you, Seasoned Travelers, for sharing your packing ideas!

Happy travels, everyone!