Hello, Everyone!

Boy, did Tracy Lawrence get it right in his song “Time Marches On” when he sings “the only thing that remains the same is every thing changes”?

I remember one afternoon a year or two after my Mom died (1990), I was sitting on the patio with my Dad. We were discussing life, past and present, when I made the remark, “I wish everything would get back to normal”. At that time, my Dad said something to me that, until that moment, had never occurred to me…..”There is no normal. Every day is different.”


It was like a brick wall falling on my head! He was right and so wise! How can today be the same as yesterday? I am a day older, the grass has grown, the sun does not rise and set in the exact same places, scientists are closer to discovering cures for diseases, and Apple is about ready to release another version of their iPhone! Now, don’t get me wrong, I still maintain a routine, though it is often a moving “target”. Before my day starts. I like coffee, news and checking my email, but, after that, I just roll with the flow, or fight the under toe! That is another story.

img_0705Anyway, back to changing times, yesterday, my husband’s cell phone had an operating system glitch and he had to take it to the Apple Store for repair. He was without his iPhone for almost three hours and we both went through a slight panic. He suddenly realized he could not contact me or our daughter……..what if we had an emergency and could not contact him? How different it is now than it was for us even as recent as the 1990s.

I remember in April of 1996, Mike, my husband, and I got caught in a freak snow storm on our way to see family.  Our family knew we were on the highway and they were worried sick about our safety. However, none of us had cell phones then, and we could not let our family know we were ok until we reached a place that had a landline! At that time, we had no idea that very soon there would be technology that would allow us to be in contact 24 hours a day! And that there would be panic when contact is interrupted even for a couple of hours!

I am sure if you think back just a week, month or year ago, you will be surprised, maybe shocked, at the changes that have occurred in your life. I am looking forward to see what this afternoon has to hold!! I am sure it will not be the same as yesterday………

What a journey and adventure this life is!